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EcoBoost™ In Mondeo

The Mondeo 2.0L EcoBoost™ engine uses direct injection and turbocharging to enable the Mondeo to deliver the kind of performance you’d usually associate with a much larger engine, with the fuel economy of a smaller one.

The EcoBoost™ engine enjoys a substantial power and torque advantage over its petrol competitors, as well as excellent fuel economy.

What Is EcoBoost™?

EcoBoost™ is all about efficiencies. A next-generation direct injection system ensures more precise fuel delivery, extensive use of aluminium components help reduce weight and low-inertia turbocharging delivers unparalleled levels of performance.

Benefits Of EcoBoost™

As well as impressive fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions, EcoBoost™ makes for a spine-tingling driving experience, with plenty of low-end torque and responsive performance right across the rev range.

The incorporation of a turbocharger and direct injection technology ensures that the EcoBoost™ engine stays powerful and responsive at all engine speeds, delivering a much broader spread of power.

Bluetooth® With Voice Control

Safely make hands-free calls on the move by using Voice Control technology.This lets you control a Bluetooth® compatible mobile (not included), as well as the car audio and climate control systems just by using your voice. Bluetooth® with Voice Control is standard across the Mondeo range.

*Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and is used under license.

Adaptive Cruise Control

When using cruise control your Mondeo will automatically 'adapt' its speed to keep your chosen distance from the car in front. Should the car in front slow down, your speed drops, too. And when traffic speeds up, you automatically return to your cruising speed. Meanwhile, Forward Collision Warning monitors your distance from the vehicle in front. If you drive too closely, a warning noise and flashing light activate.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

5-Star ANCAP Rating

The Mondeo has a host of standard safety features to protect you should an accident occur, but more importantly, just as many features that are actively helping you avoid an accident in the first place. This vast armoury of protection has earned Mondeo a maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating. Every Mondeo has the following standard safety features:

  • Seven airbags with driver and front passenger airbags, Front seat side airbags*, side curtain airbags and driver knee airbag;
  • Dynamic Stability Control;
  • Traction control;
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD);
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA).

*Front seat side airbags protect front seat occupants only.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

Blind Spot Information System

A radar either side of the vehicle constantly monitors the car’s blind spots, notifying the driver via a light in either side mirror of approaching side traffic.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

Human Machine Interface(HMI)

This intuitive digital command centre helps you stay in complete control of many of the car systems. Featuring a standard or enhanced Ford Convers+ cluster display, the HMI is operated by two steering wheel-mounted toggles for audio and vehicle settings. With the left toggle you can find and change radio stations or CD tracks, as well as set the volume. The right toggle switch controls the cluster display for vehicle settings and the trip computer. On the Ford Convers+ cluster display, the right toggle lets you scroll through MultiMedia lists, controlling the phone, radio, and CD player.

Standard HMI on Mondeo LX, Ford Convers+ HMI on Mondeo Zetec and Titanium.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning can help prevent driver's from unintentionally veering from the driving lane.This tactile and visual alert triggers when the driver drifts from the lane without indicating. Vibrations are sent through the steering wheel, while a warning message is displayed in the Human Machine Interface.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

Ford Easy Fuel®

People often mistakenly add the wrong fuel to their tank. It's easily done but not in a Mondeo. Ford Easy Fuel® is a capless refuelling system with a mis-fuelling inhibitor that can tell the difference between the fuel pump nozzles used for petrol and diesel. It only allows you to fuel up when the correct nozzle is inserted. It also means you don't have to worry about handling dirty petrol caps or mistakenly leaving them behind at the petrol station.

Rain Sensing Wipers

Front wipers that automatically turn on when it begins to rain. A sensor on the front windscreen detects if and how much rain is falling, and based on your speed the wipers automatically function to give you maximum visibility. Simply set your front wipers to automatic and it's one less thing to worry about during your drive. Of course should you prefer, you can always operate and set the speed of the wipers manually.

Standard on Mondeo Zetec and Titanium.

Park Assist

There are front and rear sensors that make parking and manoeuvring both safer and easier. An audible warning helps you judge the distance between your car and any obstacle behind or in front of you, so you have complete confidence and peace of mind, particularly in tight spaces.

Standard on Mondeo Zetec and Titanium.


When ordered with the optional Diesel engine, the Mondeo is coupled with the smooth-changing Ford Powershift® six-speed double wet-clutch transmission. In short, Powershift® consists of two transmissions working in parallel, each with its own clutch unit. Thanks to the layout of the intermediate shafts one carrying the 'uneven' gears 1, 3 and 5, and the other the 'even' gears 2, 4 and 6 subsequent gear changes can be prepared by pre-selecting the next gear while in motion and at full power.

The result: less torque interruption for a more consistent, smooth driving experience with amazing fuel economy.


The Mondeo is a joy to drive, with its responsive and agile handling. Choose from a wide range of engines and transmissions to suit your individual driving style, including an advanced 2.0L Duratorq 4 cylinder turbo diesel. Available on all mondels, the TDCi engine is able to achieve an impressive 5.9L per 100km* with the LX TDCi hatch and 6.2L per 100km* on all other models.

*Figures obtained from controlled tests using ADR 81/02. Actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions will depend on many factors including driving habits, prevailing conditions and your vehicle's equipment, condition and use.

Follow Me Home Lighting

The headlights and puddle lights (where fitted) stay on for a few extra seconds as you walk away from your car. A convenient feature that should help you see your way safely to your door at night.

Premium Sony Sound System

The Premium Sony Sound System, standard on both Zetec and Titanium, offers an impressive overall power output of 265 Watts allowing for clean and crisp audio. This is thanks to an 8 channel amplifier system, which relays to 8 speakers and an enhanced subwoofer.

Standard on Mondeo Zetec and Titanium.

LED Day Time Running Lights

Offering increased visibility to other road users, the new LED daytime running lights are typical of the attention to detail to be found throughout Mondeo. This stylish design detail is also more energy efficient than dipped headlights due to its use of the latest LED technology.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

Ford Power Button Start

Security-encrypted sensors automatically ready the engine when they detect the key unique code. Simply press the brake on the Titanium, and push the Ford Power Starter Button to start your car.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

Smart Key

This is a convenient device that means you don't have to fumble around looking for your keys. Simply walk up to the door or boot and pull the handle. Even if your key is in your pocket or bag, the system will detect its unique security code unlocking the vehicle and de-activating the alarm. You can, of course, use the remote control buttons or the key to open or lock the car, if you prefer.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

Driver Alert

A series of smart systems within the Mondeo which can detect driver drowsiness and issue audible warnings via the Human Machine Interface. An added piece of mind for those long drives.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.

Dynamic Headlights

As you turn the steering wheel your lights swivel to illuminate the road as you travel around a corner. This boosts forward visibility around bends helping you avoid any potential problems. The headlights swivel according to your speed and the angle of the steering wheel.

Standard on Mondeo Titanium.


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